Buzz – Hush – Fuzz

Buzz – Hush – Fuzz

It is an important challenge in the Netherlands to transform outdated urban areas into attractive multifunctional locations. Such transformations are highly valuable, but also extremely complex. How do you give shape to the ideal mix of functions and how do you ensure that it withstands the test of time? 

The solution: a framework plan that outlines the organisation of the urban area into zones for Buzz, Hush and Fuzz.

From isolating functions to mixing functions 
In the past we used to divide cities into rigid zones each with its own function. We now know that areas with mixed functions are crucial for the quality of life in the city. In such areas we work, live, play sports, go out, make noise, saunter about and relax all within close proximity to each other. But in practice we encounter a problem: different functions often clash.
A framework plan helps solve this paradox and tackle the complexity. In this framework plan we distinguish three zones, in each of which we can live, in each of which there is space for other urban functions. But each zone has its own accent: Buzz, Hush or Fuzz. The classification of the zones is not based on function, but on (urban) qualities.

Buzz – Hush – Fuzz 1
Buzz – Hush – Fuzz 2
Buzz – Hush – Fuzz 3
Buzz – Hush – Fuzz 4
Buzz – Hush – Fuzz 5
Buzz – Hush – Fuzz 6
Buzz – Hush – Fuzz 7


Buzz – Hush – Fuzz
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