De Martinus

Arnhem, NL

What scale should a residential building have in central Arnhem?


De Martinus

The City of Arnhem aims to enliven its historic centre through a number of urban interventions, and by reconnecting it with the river. De Zwarte Hond designed De Martinus, a residential building, for the prominent location between the St Eusebius’ Church and the Focus Filmtheater, a cinema. De Martinus really completes the renovated Kerkplein, giving the entire centre of Arnhem a quality impulse.

Studies into volume and façade layout

The building forms a whole, without the 13 separate homes being distinguishable. By stacking different vertical rhythms, the building fits well with the horizontally ordered design of the cinema, as well as with the town hall, the court building and the church. Thanks to the generous windows, the façades have an open character and daylight floods the houses. Due to the great depth of the window niches, privacy is guaranteed for residents, even in the city centre.

De Martinus

Between the Eusebius Church and the Focus Film Theatre, De Zwarte Hond realised De Martinus, a distinguished building with 13 unique homes and two commercial spaces. It is not possible to see from the outside where the various houses begin and where they end; the building consciously radiates a sense of unity, meaning that in scale it fits in beautifully with the public buildings in the vicinity. De Martinus really completes the renovated Kerkplein, giving the entire centre of Arnhem a boost in quality.

The volume consists of two hook-shaped building elements, which interlock in a subtle way. The 13 houses are divided into three basic types, all of which have a roof terrace. The residents could choose from many options to customise their space. Living and working spaces and two shops add small-scale business space to the functional mix of the city centre on the extra-high ground floor. The choice of the (locally produced) stone was crucial to the end result, which had to match both the church and the rest of the environment.


De Martinus
Arnhem, NL
3.300 m²
  • Finalist Heuvelinkprijs
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