Erasmus Pavilion

Rotterdam, NL

Can a pavilion make a campus?


Erasmus Pavilion

The all-sided pavilion is centrally located in the campus, at the intersection of the two main axes.

Rotterdam, Erasmus University’s Woudestein campus is undergoing a phased transformation from an inhospitable, inaccessible site into an inviting and high-quality village for studying, working and staying. The multifunctional Erasmus Pavilion was intended as the vibrant heart of the renewed campus, and so also the university’s calling card.

The all-sided pavilion is centrally located in the campus, at the intersection of the two main axes.

The pavilion has a Buzz Zone (catering), Hush Zone (lecture hall) and Fizz Zone (study places)

The pavilion connects the higher and lower parts of the campus

The height difference has been used to create special seating areas

The grand café guarantees a lively atmosphere with its terrace on the water

A spatial layout with a closed core and surrounding transparent zone makes the pavilion a lively centre for academic life on the campus. Glass façades allow indoor and outdoor space to merge almost seamlessly. This ensures that the pavilion embodies the new, international élan of Erasmus University.

Erasmus Pavilion

The completion of the Erasmus Pavilion in 2013 marked the end of the first phase of the transformation of Rotterdam’s Erasmus University’s Woudestein Campus. The campus terrain underwent a metamorphosis, becoming a high-quality, dynamic residential area. The unwelcoming character that had characterised this site, with its hard-to-access buildings from the 1960s and 1980s, became a thing of the past. The Erasmus pavilion became the heart of the renewed campus, situated at the intersection of the two main axes of the urban development plan.

The pavilion offers a place for students and academic staff to meet each other informally for study, consultation, lectures and more. The core of the pavilion is a closed box containing the multifunctional hall and logistics areas. Study areas, a café with a terrace, meeting rooms and a foyer surround this core. The walls of the closed core curve into the ceiling of this open space, where a covering of wooden slats creates a warm, secure atmosphere. Glass façades give the pavilion an inviting character.


Erasmus Pavilion
Rotterdam, NL
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Catering & Retail, Education
René de Wit, Christian van der Kooy
Powerhouse Company
  • Nomination Rotterdam Architectuurprijs
  • Nomination Daylight Award
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