Het Kielzog – Cultural and Municipal Complex

Hoogezand, NL

How does a building put a city on the map?


Het Kielzog

To improve the level of facilities and the urban profile of the centre of Hoogezand, it was decided in 2012 to group the town hall, library, arts centre and theatre in one prominent, public building.

Parts of the existing town hall and the adjacent theatre, both from the 1980s, could be reused and integrated. Research into three re-use scenarios resulted in a cost-effective, operations-friendly and sustainable design.

Old situation with a poor connection between theatre and town hall

Second phase: new construction and renovation of the town hall

First phase: new construction and renovation of library, theatre and arts centre

Temporary use of the central interior walkway ensures good connections

The defining element in the design is the high central inner walkway, which links the two parts of the building, connects all functions and provides an architectural accent at the entrance.

Het Kielzog is the beating cultural and administrative heart of the new municipality of Midden-Groningen


The new construction will be carried out in two phases. In the first phase, completed in 2016, the central walkway and all cultural functions were realised. In phase two – currently under construction – the town hall will also be transformed and the library will be given its final location. In the intervening period, the central walkway has a temporary use.

In contrast to the glass and natural stone of the permanent part of the building, the temporary elements are made of wood.

Het Kielzog – Cultural and Municipal Complex

Het Kielzog, House for Culture and Administration in Hoogezand, Groningen, is a design that will be executed in two phases. The cultural part was realised in 2016, and the town hall is currently being built. The integration of town hall, library, theatre and arts centre ensures lower operating costs and a more efficient use of the number of square metres through the dual use of spaces. The architectural challenge was to give the four different functions a look that suits them and to ensure that the interior facilitates the exchange between the four users.

The solution to both problems can largely be found in the central inner street. This connects the various functions and is part of them. By making the public spaces flexible, it is easy to switch between intimate and grand scales during the day. The street is also the eye-catcher of the building. Through its great height, the overhang and the provision of a façade pattern for the frontage, a clear ‘address’ is created for the various functions.


Het Kielzog – Cultural and Municipal Complex
Hoogezand, NL
9.250 m²
Gemeente Hoogezand-Sappemeer
Catering & Retail, Culture, Work
Completed, Development Phase
Eva Bloem
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