Praktijkcollege Zuidwijk

Rotterdam, NL

How can a school strengthen a neighbourhood?


Praktijkcollege Zuidwijk

The City of Rotterdam aims to redevelop the site of an old school to house the Praktijkcollege Zuidwijk. Along with the new building, the educational offer and didactics must be modernised: in addition to theoretical lessons, students must be able to practice practical skills.

The location on the green main area of Zuidwijk makes it possible to distinguish the building in relation to its surroundings.

The redevelopment will take place within the boundaries of the existing school location. (slide to the left/right)

De Zwarte Hond made a compact design that is sturdy and recognisable, as well as inviting and transparent. The outdoor space connects with the park-like character of the green area.

In addition to the (practice) rooms, there are various public functions, such as a bicycle repair shop and a restaurant. These facilities are centrally located in the school and are visible and accessible to visitors and customers. The school is part of the district and the city, and the district and city are part of the school.

Ground floor

First floor

Praktijkcollege Zuidwijk

The Praktijkcollege (HPC) Zuidwijk provides practical education for students aged 12 to 18 years old, ‘who learn better from practice, than just from a book’. Commissioned by the City of Rotterdam, De Zwarte Hond designed a rugged and recognisable building that matches the character of the environment.

In the interior, the beautiful spaces for practical education are the centre of attention. These spaces lie like transparent boxes around the central heart. From the circulation elements on the first floor, there are views of practical education everywhere. The central heart ensures that everyone can orient themselves easily. It also makes the building highly flexible and easily adaptable. The deep recesses on the outside give the building a sculptural quality. The glass in the roof faces north, which keeps the building cool in summer. There are also solar cells on the roof.

The school also creates a connection with the neighbourhood. Local residents are invited to use the restaurant and the bicycle repair shop.


Praktijkcollege Zuidwijk
Rotterdam, NL
2.600 m²
Gemeente Rotterdam
Development Phase
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