House VolkerWessels

Amersfoort, NL

How does an architectural route shape the experience of a building?



The new VolkerWessels head office was required to function as a meeting place for a number of the construction group’s companies. In addition to being inviting, it also had to be recognisable. The location, on the A28, offered plenty of scope for this. In addition, it had to be sustainable, and be built in a very short time.

A spectacular approach to the building

The staircase as a connecting element

Meeting places

Stairs and void at the heart of the building

The void offers views and encourages casual encounters

The VolkerWessels HQ has a distinctive shape derived from the archetypal house. The heart of the building is formed by a majestic void that emerges immediately upon entry and continues up to the boardroom on the top floor, with its beautiful views of the eastern farmlands.

A continuous, solid wooden staircase winds up through the void, connecting the meeting places on each office floor. The spatial interventions also make the office a real home on the inside, which facilitates the exchange of knowledge and stimulates encounters.

House VolkerWessels

The head office of construction group VolkerWessels is prominently located on the A28 in the Podium office park in Amersfoort. The starting point was to realise a highly sustainable office building in a super short time. The building was to function as a meeting place for a number of VolkerWessels work companies and, in addition to being inviting, also had to be recognisable. By starting an integral design process with the client, contractor, consultants and designer, the tasks were divided efficiently and smart solutions were created. This resulted in an above-average sustainable office building with a GPR score of 8 and an EPC value of 15% below the legal requirement. The façade is made of prefabricated vertical brick strips in a mottled ochre colour, alternating with vertical glass strips. The distinctive shape of the building is based on the archetypal house. Upon entering, the large void that extends to the boardroom on the top floor reveals itself. From here there is a beautiful view over the countryside. A continuous solid wooden staircase winds up through this void and connects the meeting places on each office floor.


House VolkerWessels
Amersfoort, NL
10.545 m²
Loostad Vastgoedontwikkeling
Gerard van Beek
  • Nomination Amersfoortse Architectuurprijs
  • Nominatie Architizer A+ Award
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