IKC Ter Aar

Nieuwkoop, NL

Can a large building fit into a small village?

Ter Aar

IKC Ter Aar

De Zwarte Hond designed the Integrated Child Centre (IKC) Ter Aar for the City of Nieuwkoop in the province of Zuid-Holland. The various educational functions and public facilities had to be brought together under one roof, but in a way that suited the small scale of the location.

A cluster of flexible spaces

Façade concepts

The heart connects it all

By dividing the building into several smaller volumes, sinking the sports hall and visually dividing the façades into two layers, we succeeded in complementing the green environment, despite the size of the programme.

The friendly appearance continues in the casual and attractive living space that forms the heart of the building. All users, whatever their age, come together here.

IKC Ter Aar

The Integral Child Centre (IKC) in Ter Aar houses a primary school, a childcare centre, a youth and family centre, a library and a shared sports hall. The challenge of the design was to bring the multitude of users together under one roof, within a limited area and in line with the small scale of the village.

The 6,700 m2 L-shaped building is divided into various small volumes, with recognisable saddleback roofs as a reflection of the surroundings. The sports complex is sunk three metres into the ground. The façade is divided horizontally in two, with a brick plinth and a wood-clad section above, optically further reducing the volume of the building. This gives the building a friendly appearance and allows it to blend in with its green environment.

At the intersection of the two wings is the two-storey-high hall: the central meeting place which everyone passes by and where all the functions converge. The library is also located here. Ample daylight enters here and the warm wood finish creates a feeling of welcome.

The outdoor spaces and masterplan of the area were designed by Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners.


IKC Ter Aar
Nieuwkoop, NL
6.700 m²
Gemeente Nieuwkoop
Development Phase
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