Framework for Schieveste

Schiedam, NL

How to create quality when you don’t sketch the plan yourself?



Schiedam is one of the most important public transport hubs in the southern Randstad. This junction – between the river Schie, the railway and the motorway – has grown organically over time; but this has come at the expense of the connection with the city.

When a market initiative to realise housing here arose in 2018, De Zwarte Hond was asked by the city council to draw up a quality plan with public law assessment frameworks, intended to guide the future development of the area. The broad quality requirements will not only make Schieveste – as the initiative has been called – a success, but will also ensure that Schiedam as a whole benefits from the development.

The quality plan gives the involved market parties – Synchroon, Dura Vermeer, VolkerWessels Vastgoed and Van Omme & De Groot, united in the Ontwikkelcombinatie Schieveste (OCS) – clarity about the spatial planning envisaged by the city council. In 2018, the city and OCS concluded a land reservation agreement for the Schieveste plan area. OCS has drawn up a master plan based on the principles formulated in the quality plan and has submitted it to the city council.

In addition, De Zwarte Hond has also formulated points for attention for Schieveste. This document provides suggestions for the market party concerning developing the master plan. It provides an overview of the thoughts that came to mind when the City of Schiedam, in its public function, started working on the spatial planning frameworks for Schieveste. It is a document without status.

Framework for Schieveste

In Schiedam, between river Schie, motorway and railway line, is one of the most important public transport hubs in the southern Randstad. In 2018, a market initiative for housing construction was created there: Schieveste. Together with the city council, De Zwarte Hond has formulated the basic principles for the new zoning scheme for Schieveste in a quality plan. Central to this are the quality of the location and cohesion with the environment. How can this location boost the surrounding areas? What can Schieveste mean for Schiedam, and vice versa?

The master plan that KuiperCompagnons and Delva has now drawn up for Development Combination Schieveste (OCS) reflects the different atmospheres proposed by us, as well as our vision of the facilities (everything in the plinth, with a varied offering). Furthermore, the development consortium has added flexibility to the plan, for example homes that can be merged in the future and parking facilities that can be used flexibly. A new underpass for the railway improves the north-south connection and a car-free, green ‘enfilade’ runs right through the new district.


Framework for Schieveste
Schiedam, NL
8.5 ha
Gemeente Schiedam
Research, Urban Design
Visualisatie & luchtfoto: OntwikkelCombinatie Schieveste (OCS)
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