Stadsblokken Meinerswijk Master Plan

Arnhem, NL

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In 2012, the area vision for Stadsblokken Meinerswijk was established. This vision formulated the goal of turning the area into a resilient floodplain park – a vision now realised for part of the area. The second phase involves the development of the remaining part (roughly half) of the area.

In collaboration with Buro Harro, De Zwarte Hond first made the master plan and then the preliminary urban design and layout plan of the three main development areas: Meinerseiland, the Port of Workum and the ASM harbour.



Port of Workum

ASM harbour

Dune area on Meinerseiland

The new secondary channel on the Rhine creates the Meinerseiland

After the war, the development of the Malburgen district took a big bite out of the floodplain of the Rhine. In the narrowed bed, the river rises very high at high tide, which means that the hinterland is in danger of flooding. A secondary channel on the Malburgsedijk was therefore dug in 2013, and now a second secondary channel near Meinerswijk will provide even more relief.

Digging this channel led to the creation of the Meinerseiland. The shores of this peninsula are publicly accessible and car traffic is minimised. New homes are ‘hidden’ on the edge of the forest.

Impression of the new boulevard in the ASM harbour

Impression of the Port of Workum

The former ASM harbour retains its industrial character and will be a place where you can sit by the water, have a bite to eat and see a show. The new buildings for living, working and dining are carefully placed between the historical relics, existing trees and special views.

The area near the Port of Workum is now a closed business park where boats are tinkered with. The harbour is currently hardly visible. The aim is to make it a lively place on the water.

Stadsblokken Meinerswijk Master Plan

Stadsblokken Meinerswijk is the approximately 300-hectare floodplain landscape, including several (former) industrial estates, located on the south side of the Rhine, opposite Arnhem city centre. In the coming years, the area will be transformed into a floodplain park. An important part of the assignment consists of a package of water-level lowering measures.

The plan includes three development areas: Meinerseiland, Workum Port and the ASM Port. The design for each of these areas is based on their existing qualities and is characterised by a number of thoughtful yet casual additions. We embrace the informal and rugged character of the area.

Meinerseiland is formed by the digging of a new side channel along the Rhine. The peninsula is being raised to create a sloping, naturally wooded river dune. The area near Workum Port will be a lively place with a marina, new residential buildings and a pier with catering facilities. With its location directly opposite Arnhem city centre, the former ASM Port will become the heart of the new developments. The character of the industrial past will be preserved here. A park within the park will serve as a festival landscape.


Stadsblokken Meinerswijk Master Plan
Arnhem, NL
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