MO*town Track 8

Amsterdam, NL

Can there be good living in an office district?


Mo*town track 8

© Stadsarchief Amsterdam / Kransberg, Doriann

Sloterdijk is one of the sub-areas of Haven-Stad, to the west and north-west of the centre of Amsterdam, where a new district is being built with 40,000 to 70,000 homes and 45,000 to 58,000 jobs. Over the next few years, Sloterdijk will transform from a business district into a fully-fledged new neighbourhood with a wide mix of functions.

For Plot O at Sloterdijk station, De Zwarte Hond was commissioned by BPD & Era Contour to create the design for MO*town Track 8, a residential project with 82 apartments and a 1,000-m2 plinth for public facilities such as shops and restaurants. MO*town Track 8 has been carefully integrated into its surroundings and at ground level. The stepped façade and the black colour of the building match the height differences and colours of the buildings around Sloterdijk station.

MO*town Track 8 is designed according to the philosophy ‘People attract People’. The shape and organization of the building ensure good sight lines – within the project and to the surroundings – and that people meet each other. All the floors and common areas are connected by open steel bridges.

urban quality

The Netherlands is being enriched with new urban environments that we previously knew only from abroad. Sometimes with tall towers, but more often in urban blocks of around eight storeys, complete with a variety of facilities, beautiful green streets and squares and good connections to the rest of the country.

The new Sloterdijk is an example of such an environment. It will have a high density and a wide mix of functions. The accessibility is excellent and the proximity to the centre of Amsterdam ensures that the neighbourhood can benefit from the facilities and critical mass already present there.


In line with the council’s ambition to make Haven-Stad a sustainable, future-proof urban district, this plan uses reused and recycled materials. It has also been designed with biodiversity and ecology in mind. Greenery and water are integral parts of MO*town Track 8, in the form of communal gardens and outdoor green spaces.

MO*town Track 8

Sloterdijk is a relatively young neighbourhood that is set to transform in the coming years from a business district into a vibrant, international district worthy of Amsterdam. Around Sloterdijk train station, offices will be converted into apartments and land will be made available for housing. On Plot O, De Zwarte Hond designed MO*town Track 8, a residential project with 82 apartments and a lively plinth with shops and restaurants.
The building has a rugged appearance and has been carefully integrated into its surroundings. The stepped facade and the black colour match the different heights and colours of the buildings around Sloterdijk station. Much attention has been paid to biodiversity and ecology, with greenery and water being integral parts of the project. Under the building there will be a basement with space for 30 shared cars.
MO*town Track 8 focuses on co-commissioning. Residents put their own stamp on the building by thinking about the size and layout of the apartments. This creates a community even before the project is completed. The building has also been designed around the idea of people attracting people. The shape of the building, the steel bridges and the communal gardens make people want to meet and linger here. The connection to the ground floor and the the plinth have also been designed to encourage interaction.


MO*town Track 8
Amsterdam, NL
11.000 m²
BPD & Era Contour
Catering & Retail, Residential
Development Phase
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