New Ellener Hof

The Neue Ellener Hof is a new sustainable community with approximately 500 apartments and ground-level accommodation in the east of Bremen (Germany). The neighbourhood is designed as a village where a wide range of residents with diverse lifestyles will live in a green and sustainable residential area with a range of functions. Old and young, people with higher and with lower incomes, some with a disability and some without − and students will form a colourful community centering on interaction. The key premise of the design is the concept of a village that has gradually developed in its surroundings in a responsible way, in this instance comprising attractive, mature trees and a number of existing buildings. As in a village, some of the homes are close together while others are spaced further apart. Sometimes there is a green area between the housing, sometimes a row of trees. Informal spaces and paths invite residents to play, communicate and foster a sense of community.

New Ellener Hof 1
New Ellener Hof 2


New Ellener Hof
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