SuperHub Meerstad

Groningen, NL

How can a building grow together with the neighbourhood?



Meerstad is the greenest part of Groningen, known for space, greenery and the Woldmeer lake. No rushing traffic here, but rippling rushes! A vital lifestyle is stimulated and sustainability is the most normal thing in the world.

Because Meerstad is gradually growing, there is still no centre. The requirement was therefore to design a facilities cluster that is more than that, and that can grow with the neighbourhood: a place where people do their shopping and enjoy their visit, and that will act as an image for the neighbourhood.

Our use of time is changing and, with home delivery services, shopping is becoming increasingly simple. This means that shopping centres must be given extra ‘staying power’ to ensure that people enjoy spending their time there.

Analyse van de kansen voor gebruik gedurende de dag.

Analysis of the opportunities for use during the day.

The ‘SuperHub’ we designed is a spectacular supermarket that offers views of the natural surroundings while you do your shopping. The building is made entirely from wood and has an overwhelming spaciousness. Shopping is a special experience here.

Additional functions ensure that the building has something to offer too in the evening and at weekends. It is flexible and reusable. As the neighbourhood grows in the coming years, the building can meet new needs.

The supermarket as a meeting place

SuperHub Meerstad

Meerstad is an urban extension location on the eastern flank of Groningen. Over a period of several decades, approximately 5,000 homes will be gradually built around the newly constructed Woldmeer lake. The development of Meerstad is taking place in small steps, with the result that a social and programmatic heart is lacking. The ‘SuperHub’ is designed to fix this.

A super hub is the contemporary variant of the supermarket. It’s a building where you can do your shopping and that also offers an additional programme, such as (initially) a café and a health centre. This makes the SuperHub a pioneer building that grows with the neighbourhood and, in addition to providing the basic necessities of life, also provides opportunities for encounters, activity and entertainment.

The building is transparent and all-sided, with a sustainable wooden support structure. While shopping, it allows you to experience the surrounding park landscape. It can be flexibly divided and can accommodate other functions in the future, such as a community centre or even homes. The roof provides plenty of space for solar panels.


SuperHub Meerstad
Groningen, NL
2.090 m²
MWPO Supermarkten B.V.
Catering & Retail, Culture
Development Phase
Ronald Tilleman, Ronald Zijlstra
LAOS Landschapsarchitecten, Brands Bouw, Pieters Bouwtechniek, Nijeboer-Hage, DGMR
  • Archello Awards
    For the planet Award
  • BLT Built Design Awards
    Commercial Architecture
  • Groninger Architectuurprijs
    Panel Award, Sustainability Award & Audience Award
  • Nomination Architizer A+ Awards
    Sustainable Commercial Building (Built)
  • ICONIC Awards
  • LOOP Design Awards
    Commercial Architecture Project of the Year
  • Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award
  • Rethinking the Future Awards
    Commercial (built)
  • Design Educates Awards
    Architectural Design
  • Canadian Wood Design & Building Award
  • The Plan
    Mixed Use
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