Stöcken 17

Solingen, DE

How can we make the revitalisation of an industrial estate as flexible as possible?


Stöcken 17

A 6.5-hectare former factory site in the German city of Solingen is centrally located in a development area with great commercial potential. Solingen organised an urban development competition to revitalise the largely abandoned site. The goal, as the mayor puts it, is to realise ‘an industrial estate of the future’.

De Zwarte Hond’s winning design puts maximum emphasis on flexibility. The area is designed for various uses. The plan not only offers development opportunities for small businesses; it also creates space for a number of large companies. Modular and circular construction will be used to accommodate any growth or shrinkage in a raw material-neutral manner.

The companies are located around a central heart: the place where people meet

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Stöcken 17

The former factory location of agricultural machinery manufacturer Rasspe is the largest site with commercial potential in the city of Solingen. Due to its central location in a development area of nearly 400 companies, institutions and research institutes specialised in the field of post-fossil and digital economics, the 6.5 hectare site has huge potential. Solingen organised an urban development competition to revitalise the vacant site. De Zwarte Hond convinced the jury with a modular, circular and flexible concept that responds smoothly to the rapid evolution of the new digital economy. The urban restructuring is accompanied by a large-scale soil remediation that the City of Solingen has started together with the Verband für Flächenrecycling und Altlastensanierung. The former monumental office building has been spared, and will form the future address of the new business park: an unmistakable calling card. In the plan for Stöcken 17, business activities are not seen as static. That’s why the different locations in the area are designed for various uses. Because the business park of the future is also a living space, the companies are situated around a central heart, where staff and city residents can meet.


Stöcken 17
Solingen, DE
6.5 ha
Wirtschaftsförderung Solingen GmbH & Co. KG / Stadt Solingen
Urban Design
Catering & Retail, Infrastructure, Work
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