Heart of Stadshagen

Zwolle, NL

How to create a new city centre?



Stadshagen, the largest district in the city of Zwolle, will grow its population to 30,000 in the short term. This calls for an extension of its existing shopping centre. De Zwarte Hond therefore designed a new complex, the Stadsmaker, with housing, offices, retail, catering and social facilities.


Vital retail space

Height accents

Roof garden

The project responds to the different types of urban spaces around it: a shopping avenue in the east, a park avenue in the west, and a canal in the north.

The new centre will be an urban heart where meeting places come first

Lively shopping area

The Stadsmaker consists of various building elements on a substructure containing a supermarket. A lush roof garden will be created on the roof of the supermarket and a lively shopping avenue added between the new building and the existing shopping centre. A Stadsfoyer on a new square is the focal point of various walking routes. This will give the project a diversity of places where people can meet.

A subtle play of horizontals and verticals breaks up the large surfaces

1. Brickwork: setback 290mm

2. Precast concrete: sanded and polished, with natural colour addition

3. Lintel: masonry veneer anchored on precast element

4. Railings: coated steel, angled bars

5. Aluminium window frames: anodised in C33 colour

First floor

Second floor

Heart of Stadshagen

Housing almost a fifth of the population of Zwolle and with its own train station, Stadshagen is a city district in need of a lively heart. The expansion plan for the Stadshagen shopping centre therefore includes living, working, retail, catering and social facilities. An extra supermarket and new shops increase diversity. A wide range of housing, including social housing and care units, makes the centre inclusive. A strong social dimension – with a Stadsfoyer (city foyer) on a newly formed square, a nursery and a large roof garden accessible to everyone – ensures that in this central area you don’t just do your shopping, but enjoy spending time there, meeting people and finding inspiration.

The new complex, called the Stadsmaker, consists of various building elements on a substructure containing the supermarket. A lively shopping avenue is created between the new building and the existing shopping centre. The lush roof garden atop the supermarket adds an unexpected and intimate meeting place. In the superstructure, a subtle play between horizontals and verticals ensures that large surfaces are broken and relationships arise with the surrounding buildings.


Heart of Stadshagen
Zwolle, NL
53.000 m²
Gemeente Zwolle
Architecture, Urban Design
Catering & Retail, Corporaties, mixed-use, Residential
Development Phase
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