The Cube

Amsterdam, NL

Urban planning as inspiration for chic detailing?


The Cube

The new Overhoeks district is being realised on the former Shell site in Amsterdam-Noord. The urban development plan is by Geurst & Schulze Architecten and is characterised by a high density (150 to 200 homes per hectare) combined with lots of greenery. Commissioned by Amvest, De Zwarte Hond designed The Cube, one of the new residential buildings.

The first new residential building was completed in 2009. The transformation of the district is expected to be completed in 2026.


Urban grid

Urban grid

Relation to the park

Relation to Hammarbystraat



Façade grid

Façade details

Use of marble gives the project a luxurious look.

Built from luxurious materials, The Cube offers residents optimal views

By constructing the building from four slabs, each of which consists of four blocks, and by staggering them and making them different heights, a varied volume is created with much differentiation. The luxurious materials, the beautiful views and playful rhythm of the façades provide further refinement.



The Cube

The new Overhoeks district is emerging in Amsterdam-Noord, on the former Shell site: a new part of Amsterdam, with homes, workplaces, restaurants and other facilities. It combines high density with lots of greenery. In the middle of the plan, in the centrally located green space, is The Cube, an 11,000 m2 residential building, built from luxurious materials, with lots of light and optimal views.

Due to the smart design, the complex has a favourable ratio in terms of façade and floor area. It consists of four stepped volumes, made up of blocks with a grid size of 8.1 metres, which are staggered. The highest volume is located on the visual axis of the IJ and immediately gives the building a clear address. The layout allows the large building to breathe, so that it blends elegantly into its surroundings. This elegance is enhanced because each volume has its own window grid. The depth of the recesses also differs per volume. The residents enter the building through a green entrance area, which extends to the light-filled atrium from which all the homes are accessible.


The Cube
Amsterdam, NL
13.500 m²
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