Tilburg Zwijsen

Tilburg, NL

How do you restore a city?



Tilburg’s Spoorzone area has been inaccessible to city residents for most of its history. Now, however, it is undergoing a transformation. One of the locations that is still awaiting development is Zwijsen II. Its location right at the station makes it a popular place to live, work and stay.

Flow of people

Functions in the plinth

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The parking garage as noise buffer

The closed enclave of the past becomes part of the city

In this location we will continue the rhythm of the robust, all-sided blocks from the rest of the Spoorzone. All the blocks have porticoes so that they have no clear front or rear sides. On the Burgemeester Brokxlaan side, the blocks are aligned so that they form a clear wall on this major road.

Tilburg Zwijsen

Tilburg’s Spoorzone (railway zone) is transforming from a closed enclave into an inclusive part of the city, accessible to everyone. This also applies to the Zwijsen II location, directly adjacent to the station, where a railway workshop was located for many years and where publishing house Zwijsen was also based. Commissioned by developers Trebbe and Van Wijnen, De Zwarte Hond is working on a plan to make Zwijsen II a place to live, work, spend the night in and stay. It’s the next step in the development of an attractive Spoorzone. In terms of size, characteristics and placement of the buildings, the plan is in line with what’s happening in the Spoorzone in the east-west direction. The large scale and robust volumes of the existing industrial halls are translated into the new buildings. Engineering logic is an important starting point in this respect: clear structures with well-chosen grid dimensions ensure plenty of flexibility. By positioning the buildings with care, a place to wander with varied spaces is created. This makes the closed enclave of the past part of the city.


Tilburg Zwijsen
Tilburg, NL
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