Werft dockland quarter Bremerhaven

Wieder, Wieder, Weiter is an urban strategy for the redevelopment of Bremerhaven’s Werft dockland quarter. Because future housing demand is uncertain in Bremerhaven, it is essential to create a strong framework. This framework allows the neighbourhood to develop flexibly and step-by-step and to provide space for a variety of working and living functions at its own pace, depending on demand. The credo is that the city is never finished, but always ready for use. Whether 500 or 5,000 homes are developed in the future, with this framework, the Werft quarter will once again become an integral part of the city, and Bremerhaven will once again make an impression on the waterfront. By naming different sub-areas within the framework plan, these can be developed independently of each other and of the different ownership situations. Each area has and keeps its own character and can grow independently and at its own pace. The plan shows the power of a strategy based on a process of rediscovery, reuse and further development. Although the strategy has been developed for Bremerhaven’s Werft quarter, it could be applied much more widely.

A lively and climate-adaptive street profile

Reuse of the existing infrastructure also offers space for new forms of mobility.

Functions that attract a large audience, such as education and culture, are given a place along the harbour basins, giving them new meaning.

Green east-west connections enable optimal exchange with the Geestenmünde district.

As a programmatic backbone, the old railway line connects the urban functions.

Living and working go hand in hand

Space for sports and culture offering a new quality of living in the heart of the Werfkwartier

Space for living and relaxing, on and around the harbour basins


Werft dockland quarter Bremerhaven
Bremerhaven, D
140 ha
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