Prominent housing block in Groningen with a monumental facade

in Grunobuurt, Groningen, De Zwarte Hond designs a new residential building with a characteristic facade: Tractie. Previously De Zwarte Hond designed the new urban plan for the large-scale renewal of Grunobuurt and one of the housing blocks Typhoon. Tractie, the newest addition, is situated at the heart of the neighbourhood, with a prominent location along the green axis. A pleasant place to live between the green square and the water of Hoornsediep canal.

Tractie features a diverse programme of social and middle-income rental housing: apartments with three or four rooms, duplexes with ground floor entrances, and penthouses. The joy of living was the main starting point of the design. As elsewhere in the neighbourhood there are subtle transitions here between public and private, with hedges and footpaths. This encourages social interaction between neighbours, which residents are enthusiastic about.

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