REGiONALE 2022: Pilot projects for a new connection between city and countryside

"We design the new UrbanLand" is the motto of REGiONALE 2022, a development programme planned for the region of OstWestfalen-Lippe (OWL), Germany. The new UrbanLand represents a new urban-rural connection, in which the mutual strengths of their centres, surrounding areas and periphery are used to develop new ways of living in the countryside and working in the city or metropolis. With its economically strong rural areas, the OWL region has great development potential.

REGiONALE is a structural development programme of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia which addresses important regional issues and initiates strategic developments. For this purpose, projects are implemented in the fields of spatial, settlement and urban development, mobility, research and education. De Zwarte Hond supports the REGiONALE UrbanLand 2022 in the development of housing pilot projects.

REGiONALE aims to create housing projects in UrbanLand that address general questions about the future of housing and at the same time respond to specific challenges defined by the UrbanLand programme.

The programme poses the questions: How can urbanity as a lifestyle be created separate from building density, and how can the pilot projects address the longing for rural qualities in cities?

All pilot projects will be developed in the context of the increasing need to live climate neutrally as well as considering new mobility concepts.

De Zwarte Hond will work together with REGiONALE, local authorities, housing associations and private developers to develop various ideas and innovative housing concepts that are tailored to the conditions of the OWL region. in order to define the goals for the joint work and to develop a common understanding of the challenges, a digital workshop will take place in the next few weeks. De Zwarte Hond is looking forward to the exciting task of developing innovative living concepts for OWL together with our partners.