Robust, professional accommodation for LMC Pro Training College

LMC Pro Training College will be moving into new premises on Schere Street in Rotterdam Zuid: a robust, professional building in which attractive spaces for practical education will form the focal point. These spaces are positioned as transparent boxes round the central heart. The upper floor gallery, where the theory classrooms are located, has an overview of the practical education where students cook, repair bicycles and do welding in the metal workshop. The layout round the central heart simplifies orientation and the building is also extremely flexible and can be easily modified.

The building is both recognisable and inviting and it fits in well in the Zuidwijk neighbourhood, but also in the environment of a teenager. The depth of the embrasures on the exterior gives the building plasticity and at the same time ensure permanent shade, as a result of which the transparent building remains cool in the summer. The glass in the roof faces north and the slanting sections will have solar cells.

Practical training is the binding factor, both within the school and in the community. Local residents could make use of the restaurant and the bicycle repair facility. The building reflects the professional environment where the students, having completed their training, will work.

LMC Pro Training College is being built on behalf of the municipality of Rotterdam. Appropriate education for the target group (practical education) and a building that fits in well with its surroundings are the key premise. LMC Pro, the municipality of Rotterdam and De Zwarte Hond will start work on the preliminary design this summer.