At Schiphol, work starts on the biggest car rental location (CRP 4) in the Netherlands, with a mega sunroof

Construction has begun! Last week we celebrated driving the first piles for the Netherlands’ biggest car rental location, Car Rental Parking (CRP) 4 at Schiphol. Here, service facilities for the five largest car rental companies will be united under one enormous sunroof. With 17,000 m2 of solar panels, the roof will provide energy for Schiphol and contribute to a sustainable future. The steel construction will be demountable and circular, and bio-based materials will be used as much as possible for the offices and workshops.

Schiphol is transforming the former P4 car park into this new, future-proof car rental location with a total area of 40,000 m2. The project started as a shared search to determine the most efficient configuration. The five companies, each with its own address and site, will be located around a central axis where rental cars will be efficiently returned and prepared for a new departure. By day and at night, the roof will be a luminous icon, seeming to float above the offices and workshops. Everything under the roof will be in a monochromatic dark colour, creating a sense of unity.

The Car Rental Service Center [MOU1] will be the largest car rental facility in the Netherlands, able to accommodate about 2,500 cars. With the new location, Schiphol is encouraging car rental companies to make the transition to electric vehicles. The solar panels produce a large amount of electricity, the equivalent of the annual consumption of approximately 1,000 households. The new electric charging infrastructure allows more than 300 electric cars to charge simultaneously.

There will be five buildings where car rental companies can maintain, repair and wash their cars. In addition, the buildings will offer 1,500 m2 GLA of office space and 3,000 m2 GFA of commercial space.

Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.