Start of construction Woldwijck Child Centre 2 in Hoogezand

At the beginning of 2019, De Zwarte Hond won the tender for the design of the Woldwijck 2 Children’s Centre in Hoogezand. The project forms part of the school construction programme in the Groningen earthquake zone, and will accommodate several different users: a new combined public primary school (fusing two existing schools); a special needs primary school; a childcare centre and two sports halls. Construction on the almost 5000m2 building is expected to begin after the summer holidays.

Design and interior
The Woldwijck 2 Children’s Centre will be built on an existing vacant site on the outskirts of the Woldwijck neighbourhood. The building is designed with the scale of a child in mind. Visually, the relatively large building is split into smaller sections by staggering the building both vertically and horizontally. The central lobby with tribune seating/stairs forms the heart of the building. All the major functions are located off this lively space. A concrete plinth and green glazed stone strips characterise the exterior; the interior features mainly oak wood, creating a warm atmosphere. 

Connection to the surroundings
With a carefully designed transition between inside and outside, the building resembles a pavilion in the landscape. Every side has an entrance and verandas form an intermediate space between the classrooms and outdoor green areas. These spaces can be partitioned at specific points to create outdoor classrooms thereby allowing lessons to also be taught outside.