The Warehouse: a milestone in the transformation of Rodeweeshuisstraat

The Warehouse was recently completed in Rodeweeshuisstraat, Groningen. The former V&D distribution building now houses a ground floor retail area and 24 compact, luxury apartments spread over four floors. The enclosed distribution facade has been replaced by an open transparent facade. This has transformed the ground floor and basement into an attractive retail space. Large voids behind the glass facade connect the basement with the ground floor and the street. The concrete structure of The Warehouse contributes to the loft-like industrial atmosphere of the interior. The design by De Zwarte Hond celebrates the characteristic elements of the post-war architecture, giving it a new 21st century life.

This project is part of a collaboration with real estate developers MWPO and Beauvast, transforming Rodeweeshuisstraat from a dark back street in the heart of Groningen into a lively part of the inner city. in addition to the repurposing of the former distribution building, De Zwarte Hond works on the transformation of the former V&D building and the construction of the Mercado market and housing complex. Together these three projects will breathe new life into the public domain. This demonstrates De Zwarte Hond’s expertise in combining and integrating the strengths of architecture and urban design to improve the (inner) city.

Thanks to all who made this unique building possible, including MWPO and Beauvast, construction company Kooi, retail space advisor Kooistra Feenstra and real estate agent Pandoma Makelaars.