Two Projects for Eternity: De Zwarte Hond at Forum Holzbau Urban Koeln

Two Projects in Wood: Circular yet for Eternity is the title of the presentation that De Zwarte Hond Partner and architect Erik Roerdink will give on October 20 at the Forum Holzbau Urban Koeln. As part of the theme block Circular Construction – How Will We Build In The Future?, Roerdink will introduce two timber construction projects designed by De Zwarte Hond: SuperHub Meerstad and Liander Westpoort, both of which are prototypes in the field of circularity, flexibility and future-proofing.

The Forum Holzbau or ‘Forum Holz’ is a joint platform of several universities worldwide. With 700 participants, the 15th European Congress, on efficient building with wood for urban areas, is Germany’s largest timber construction congress and offers construction professionals the opportunity to learn more about using wood as a climate-protective material for urban buildings, and to exchange ideas and expertise. De Zwarte Hond is honoured to be able to contribute to this event.