Typhoon wins VKG architecture award 2015/2016

The VKG architecture awards 2015/2016 were presented in the Kunstmin in Dordrecht on Thursday 8 December. The Typhoon housing complex in Groningen designed by De Zwarte Hond won the award in the New Build category. The jury chose this project because it “has a rich diversity of solutions and displays a balanced choice of materials. A project in which the construction components are not contrived but stylishly combined and the frames chosen lend added value to the brickwork.”

“The complex combines the clean lines of the synthetic façade elements with red brick and white aluminium. Urban design principles determine the transition from building to surroundings and the interplay with the floors. The bricks create a rhythmic relief, as does the perforated white aluminium used in the communal areas of the building. The synthetic frames contrast with the Wasserstrich brickwork and have been chosen for their desired anthracite colour” according to the jury. ”The brickwork has obviously been designed and detailed with considerable enthusiasm. The frames and their colour have been chosen with this in mind and meticulously implemented. The fencing, too, harmonises well with this artistic creation."

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