Densification Plan for Hoofddorp Station Quarter Approved

The municipal authority of Haarlemmermeer has announced the new densification plan for Hoofddorp station quarter. The plan presents a vision of how the station area of ​​Hoofddorp can evolve into a lively and attractive quarter housing around 15,500 homes and extra 11,000 jobs. The framework for the densification plan was drawn up by De Zwarte Hond.

With the densification plan, Haarlemmermeer has opted for an urban character for the Hoofddorp station area, characterized by a mix of living, working, learning, staying, relaxing and all kinds of transport options. Eight ambitions have been formulated to achieve such a lively and liveable station area:

1. Stimulate urban life by treating the area from station to shopping centre as one large lively centre with a city park.
2. Achieve a healthy microclimate by taking a strong green polder grid as a basis.
3. Use water structures as a supporting element of the polder grid as a basis for dealing with more extreme weather.
4. Enable the mobility transition by limiting the role of the car and centrally organizing parking. This creates more space in the streets for greenery and water, spatial quality and encounters. In the station area, pedestrians and cyclists come first and second.
5. Realize a diverse mix of functions with a Buzz, Hush and Fuzz framework.
6. Provide an intricate street pattern with superblocks, offering plenty of space for pedestrians and cyclists.
7. Strengthen and preserve the polder identity.
8. Ensure quiet and peaceful residential blocks with sound-adaptive design.

These ambitions have been translated into spatial interventions that together form the framework. By combining these and where possible using them to reinforce each other, a framework is created that can withstand the test of time and that works towards a future-proof Hoofddorp.

Varied living environment
Soon , the new station area will be characterized by a varied living environment with public spaces where people want to spend time and meet each other. It will become a healthy living environment too, thanks to the presence of greenery and water.

Haarlemmermeer densification vision
This urban development framework is in fact an elaboration of the densification vision for Haarlemmermeer, which will be adopted shortly.