Urbanization strategy established for the Zwolle region

In the period up to 2040, at least 50,000 homes will be built in the Zwolle region. Such growth, accommodated in a climate-adaptive manner, while preserving and developing the quality of the living environment, its accessibility and economy, is an integral task that requires choices in a long-term strategy. Commissioned by the cooperating partners within Rijk en Regio, De Zwarte Hond and Studio Bereikbaar have drafted the urbanisation strategy called Warm Hearts in a Climate-Adaptive Delta.

The Warm Hearts strategy builds on the principle that if you build where people already are, this can act as a lever for the major tasks in that existing built environment. New construction therefore needs to contribute to social cohesion, economic support, the mobility transition and the challenges of climate adaptation and the energy transition. This strategy enables local customization so that both new and existing residents benefit from the investments.

A ‘climate-adaptive delta’ is based on the transition to natural solutions in which water and soil are leading. The Warm Heart strategy invests in the climate resilience of vulnerable built-up areas – such as Zwolle, which is located in the middle of the IJssel-Vecht delta.

On 1 February 2023, the Zwolle region adopted the urbanization strategy Warm Hearts in a Climate-Adaptive Delta. De Zwarte Hond and Studio Bereikbaar have developed this strategy for the region, based on the principles of the Warm Hearts Strategy and the Climate-Proof Delta.