Willem Hein Schenk appointed as city architect Haarlem

De Zwarte Hond is proud to announce that the Mayor and Aldermen College of Haarlem will appoint Willem Hein Schenk as city architect of Haarlem for a period of three years from May 1st. With this appointment, the College provides an independent advisor for strategic issues at the interface of urban development, sustainability, mobility and social inclusion. 

Alderman Floor Roduner (Spatial Development): “With Willem Hein Schenk, our growing city of Haarlem will have an experienced architect who will help us realize our ambitions. Haarlem has a rich tradition from city carpenter to city architect. Over time the perception of the function changed along with the development of the city. i am confident that Willem Hein Schenk will give a new contemporary interpretation to the position." 

Schenk (1962) has been an architect at De Zwarte Hond since 1992. Currently he is still involved as an advisor and partner at the agency with offices in Groningen, Rotterdam and Cologne.