Winning tender for elementary school North Utrecht-Merwede

De Zwarte Hond and BRIQUE architecten are very pleased with the winning tender for the school building Basisschool Noord in Utrecht-Merwede, which will house two elementary schools.

According to the jury's assessment, it appears that De Zwarte Hond and BRIQUE have understood very well what kind of design will best suit for Agora education. The jury also had positive appreciation for the integration into the environment and the design features that promote social connection. Finally, a very positive assessment was given on the high quality of expertise within the team that makes the realization of a true Agora school possible.

For Basisschool Noord, the theme of sustainability plays a leading role in the design. Merwede must become a sustainable neighbourhood in which bicycle transportation plays a key role. Only one car per five housing units is permitted on average, which creates space for densification. The design for the three-story school building with gymnasium responds to this, so that the residents of Merwede can look forward to a sustainable and flexible school building that also offers the students a healthy learning environment in the long term.