World Food Center Ede

In Ede work is in full progress on the realisation of the World Food Center (WFC). This is where businesses in the food sector, various centres of expertise, and consumers will meet each other to create and share knowledge. De Zwarte Hond is developing the urban plan together with WFC Development and the municipality of Ede. The centre will have international allure, a place where everyone can experience the strength of the Dutch Food Sector. 

The WFC is being developed on the Maurits Zuid barrack grounds, near Ede-Wageningen station, directly adjacent to the Veluwe National Park. The WFC Experience Center will be one of the main components. The urban plan comprises a flexible, sustainable and robust, landscape-based framework in which the WFC can develop. The interweaving of city and nature form an important theme. “Innovative, sustainable and authentic” are keynotes in the architecture of the buildings. Worldly, ethical and visibly sustainable, harmonising with the existing barracks. The experience center itself will have an iconic appeal. 

WFC Development, Wageningen University & Research, the business community and the government have recently given the go-ahead for the elaboration of the WFC Experience. Here the Netherlands showcases itself as a global leader in the agro food sector. It is a world of experiences where visitors are told the entire story about the food value chain. Visitors experience how food is produced, processed, transported and eaten. Health and sustainability in relation to food are important themes. This brings the realisation of the WFC a step closer.

The WFC is an initiative of WFC Development B.V. collaboration between Green Real Estate B.V. and Van Wijnen Groep N.V.), the municipality of Ede, Wageningen University & Research and World Food Centers Foundation. According to the planning the first phase of the WFC Experience will commence in the third quarter of 2017. 

The WFC will be further elaborated in the coming period. The illustrations are therefore no more than provisional impressions.