De Zwarte Hond at architectdocuments 2017 / documenta 14

De Zwarte Hond is one of the 25 bureaus presenting itself in KAZimKUBA at architectdocuments 2017, part of documenta 14 in Kassel. This exhibition is open from 10 June to 17 September and combines architecture, design, planning and art. Exhibits include artworks, scale models and video installations, all of which are documented in the exhibition catalogue. On a global scale, documenta is one of the most important festivals in the field of contemporary art and attracts millions of visitors.

The artwork that De Zwarte Hond has submitted to Kassel is “De Zwarte Hond”(The Black Dog) by Siert Dallinga. The life-size artwork made from tar-paper dates back to 1984, connecting the artist and the architectural bureau via an intriguing story. In the mid eighties Jurjen van der Meer designed an atelier for Dallinga who paid in kind with the artwork. This unusual work gradually came to symbolise the bureau, which still bore the name Karelse van der Meer. In 2004 Van der Meer continued running the bureau with the present partners and officially renamed it De Zwarte Hond.

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