Groningen, an exemplary city

The city of Groningen is a forerunner in its mobility approach and development strategy.  In the Volkskrant article (in Dutch only) of 18 September 2022, journalist Kirsten Hannema pays extensive attention to the success factors that make Groningen an exemplary city. With the help of Jeroen de Willigen creative director of De Zwarte Hond and former city architect, Hannema establishes in the article that guts are needed and tranquillity must be preserved to achieve a city with residential quality and that is comfortable to use. 'Keep the property land in your own hands, give the city back to the people and conduct design competitions'.

The book 'An exemplary city' published by Jeroen de Willigen, together with Peter Michiel Schaap and Erik Dorsman on his departure as city architect of Groningen (2015-2021), elaborates on this conclusion. The book is an ode to the city and the urban task. It calls for embracing the fundamentals of urban planning again and putting public space back at the core of urban development.

Get inspired as the book (in Dutch only) is available from Platform GRAS's webshop.