Surprisingly spacious holiday home huddles behind the dunes

On the island of Schiermonnikoog off the north coast of the Netherlands, directly bordering the dune landscape, this modest, yet surprisingly spacious, environmentally sustainable holiday home blends perfectly into its surroundings. Due to the extended periods that the family stays there, the island’s maximum domestic footprint of 110m2 was insufficient. The majority of the building’s functions have been programmed into the underground floor, thus achieving the desired spatial quality and size, while maintaining the structure’s affinity with its surroundings.

The L-shaped house is positioned very naturally in the dunes, and its form provides good differentiation between the private and public areas. On the private side, a glass façade offers the occupants an excellent view of the beautiful surroundings. The street façade is closed except for a long horizontal window along almost its entire length, allowing passers-by to catch a glimpse of what is happening inside. As a result, the house is illuminated by sunlight throughout the whole day.

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