Bremerhaven: urban quality close to the sea

Bremerhaven is to the north of Bremen, close to the sea and the Wezer estuary. it is a city with over 100,000 inhabitants and is one of the largest container harbours in Europe. The city has asked De Zwarte Hond to develop a vision for the transformation of Entwicklungsgebiet Rudloffstrasse, a 30 hectare area north of the old town centre.

Bremerhaven is undergoing a transformation – from a port focused on freight transhipment into an attractive seaside town where there is money to be made with tourism, knowledge development and high-quality activity. in the past, the area between the city centre and river were successfully developed and given a touristic impulse, including a new quayside area, a museum and a hotel.

Slightly more to the north, between the quayside and the northern part of the city, lies a 30 hectare strip also requiring transformation. The area currently lacks quality, and yet there are opportunities for creating “urban quality close to the sea”, in the words of De Zwarte Hond-partner Matthias Rottmann. The area has possibilities. There is a lively street and many catering outlets in the area. And the exceptional location close to the river is an appealing quality.

At present, plots remain unused, the old warehouses are empty and the area is chiefly occupied by industrial users and other parties that thrive well on this expansive area at very little cost. Garages, car dealers and budget supermarkets, for example. The present use hinders further development: the existing functions in the area cause too much nuisance for housing construction, for example.

De Zwarte Hond has been asked to develop a vision for the area in order to generate a high-quality metropolitan mix of functions. it should become a mixed area where there is space for living, working, relaxing and culture. De Zwarte Hond will draw up an appropriate solution and manage the right mix.

in the past there were workshops with the local residents and users in which various ideas were developed.  De Zwarte Hond is taking up these ideas and considering how they can be linked in order to create a mixed area that will stimulate the city.