New residential/retail building completes Haren’s lively village square

De Zwarte Hond together with the Explorius-Nijhuis Bouw combination has won the selection for the new development in the heart of Haren. The new complex on Raadhuisplein will accommodate 32 luxury apartments round a courtyard, with a supermarket and retail in the plinth. The building will occupy the empty space next to the new local government offices, completing the village square.

The new complex forms a link in the centre of Haren in various ways: it connects “green” Haren with the centre, the shopping street with the square, and public with private. This new development will boost the quality of this village in the northern province of Groningen. Alderman Mathilde Stiekema is delighted that the plans for the centre of Haren have now been finalised: “Haren lacked a beating heart and these plans are going to change that.”

The robust building with masonry façade radiates openness.  A lively, welcoming spot for shoppers and, for residents, a pleasant, light place to live with sufficient private space too. Construction will probably commence in the first half of 2019.