Selection won for Bremerhaven

We will be working on a new project in the biggest city at the German North Sea Coast. The municipality of Bremerhaven selected De Zwarte Hond to improve the connection between inner city area with the tourist-oriented Havenwelten at the Weser. Furthermore, the barrier that is the broad Columbusstraße should connect both areas and will help to revitalize the city centre.

One of the main issues to focus on for reaching these goals, is attracting tourists to the inner city. Besides the lack of quality routes, tourists don't have a need to go to the inner city because all of the facilities and attractions that they would need, from cafés and restaurants to shopping and entertainment, are located directly at the Havenwelten. Thus, it's not only about increasing accessibility between the city centre and riverfront, but also thinking about complementary functions that attract certain target groups.

To engage the public in finding solutions, our next step will be actively engaging them using Swipocratie. This innovative online tool has never before been used in Germany and will enable us to collect problems and wishes. All the input will be used to work out four different models with each a different approach towards connecting the Havenwelten with the inner city.