Atelier Rotterdam presents the IABR 2016 results in a book

The results obtained by the Atelier Rotterdam for the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam are presented in the book “The Productive City - Development Perspectives for a Regional Manufacturing Economy”.

More and more cities are refocusing on the manufacturing economy, encouraged by the transition to a circular economy, the emergence of smart technology, and the need for socially inclusive cities. To Rotterdam, a port city with a rich industrial history, this is a development that offers welcome opportunities. The Atelier has conducted research by design to identify the opportunities for the future of the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague from the perspective of the next manufacturing economy. What value can the manufacturing economy add to the city and the region? Is it possible to improve its links with existing large-scale industry? And will this allow Rotterdam to profit more from the huge material flows that will continue to traverse the port and the city in the future?

The Atelier presents seven spatial development perspectives on the scale of the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague. They do not constitute an all-encompassing strategy, but a range of strategic and prototypical interventions that strengthen the regional manufacturing economy and thus contribute to an economically strong and socially inclusive urban region. De Zwarte Hond partner, Daan Zandbelt, was the studio master for Atelier Rotterdam.

The book – with contributions by the Mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb; IABR Director George Brugmans; Rotterdam's Director for Inner City and Urban Quality Astrid Sanson; and the design offices De Zwarte Hond, marco.broekman and L’AUC – can be bought on the IABR’s website for €12,50.