Celebrating start of construction for The Orchard

Last week, we celebrated that construction has started for The Orchard in Rijswijk with all parties involved. In this special time with many challenges for the architecture and housing sector, we are extremely happy and proud that this beautiful project is now entering a new phase.

The Bogaard Winkelcentrum shopping centre, The Orchard refers to this original name, is one of the oldest in the Netherlands. By making it more sustainable and redesigning the public space, we breathe new life into the shopping centre in Rijswijk. Instead of a monofunctional shopping centre, it will become a green urban environment with new, affordable and sustainable rental housing and shops.

The Orchard consists of two buildings. The Orchard II was designed by Nudus. We created the design for The Orchard I, an urban block consisting of two residential towers connected by an intermediate volume. The plinth, with a mix of shops and restaurants, is finished in natural stone and designed with triangular bays. Cohesion is created by mirroring the shape of the bays in the plinth in the balconies of the residential towers. This roof garden offers sun, shelter, greenery and a relationship with the environment.