De Zwarte Hond launches serious game: Chain Reaction

On 6 June, at PROVADA, the biggest real estate exhibition in the Netherlands, De Zwarte Hond partner Daan Zandbelt presented the first example of Chain Reaction to Jos Melchers, Director of Area Development at the Municipality of Rotterdam. Chain Reaction is a serious game whereby authorities, developers and designers are challenged to search for smart, integrated solutions for their villages, towns and cities.

The Netherlands will face a number of major transitions in the coming years. in 2030 we hope to have achieved the climate targets of the Paris agreement, in 2040 a million extra homes will need to have been built and in 2050 we aim to have a fully functioning circular economy. But a healthy population, economic vitality, an attractive natural environment and optimal accessibility are also high on our agenda.

Our aim with Chain Reaction is to challenge developers, designers and authorities not to tackle one assignment at a time but to combine several of them, in order to discover smart, integrated solutions for their urban environments. Solutions that have a multiplier effect. in this way investments will provide an optimal yield and a simpler support base will be created.

Developers, designers and authorities can themselves use Chain Reaction to explore how, in their municipality, neighbourhood or project, as many additional opportunities and double objectives as possible can be realised. Perhaps the housing assignment can facilitate the energy assignment, or the mobility transition can be deployed to promote the health of the community. Combine the 40 instrument cards and discover the many other possibilities.

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