De Zwarte Hond wins the Plot O Amsterdam Sloterdijk tender with the BPD and Era Contour combination

The municipality of Amsterdam has provisionally awarded the tender for Sloterdijk plot O to the BPD and Era Contour combination. De Zwarte Hond was responsible for the design. Socialising and dynamism are key concepts in the plan and it comprises approximately 150 housing units with over 1,000 m2 for facilities, divided over three volumes.

The plan is designed on the concept of People attract People: a building that stimulates social interaction. The shape of the building, the communal gardens and the outdoor areas ensure that you meet other people and want to stay. The connection to ground level and the format of the plinth have been designed to create interaction. Moreover, catering facilities, entrepreneurship and culture ensure the essential vitality in the area. There is a basement under the building with storage facilities and space for 30 shared cars. This means that the design conforms to the urban context of the plans previously-developed for Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

in accordance with the ambition of the municipality of Amsterdam to turn the larger area around Sloterdijk, called Haven-Stad, into a sustainable, future-proof urban district, this plan incorporates reused and recycled materials. Furthermore, the design focuses on biodiversity and ecology. Green space and water form an integral part of the plan. A smart irrigation system ensures that the maintenance of the green space is extremely user-friendly, sustainable and manageable. An exceptionally energy-efficient building where energy storage and mobility converge integrally and innovatively, forming part of a larger energy and mobility network.

The BPD, Era Contour and De Zwarte Hond entry was awarded a maximum score - both in terms of architecture and their planned approach for the co-commission. Future residents, in the role of co-commissioners, will help to determine how they will live in their new building.

image: Plompmozes