Densification Plan for Stationskwartier Hoofddorp to Strengthen Growth in Haarlemmermeer

Commissioned by the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, De Zwarte Hond has drawn up a densification plan for the Hoofddorp railway station area. The plan, an urban framework, shows how this area can be further developed into an attractive and lively metropolitan area with approximately 15 thousand homes and 11 thousand jobs. The densification concept aims to accelerate regional developments.

The station area's urban service level is ideally suited for densification into a metropolitan living and working environment, due to the proximity of the city centre. This potential is enhanced by the metro that will most likely come to Hoofddorp in the near future. The advantage of building more and more intensively at the station location is that the polder landscape is preserved at other locations in Haarlemmermeer.

Principles of the densification plan
In order to develop a lively and liveable station area, eight spearheads have been formulated that serve as the starting point for the spatial interventions. 1. Stimulating urban life 2. Realising a healthy microclimate 3. Retaining and using water 4. Enabling mobility transition 5. A mix of integral and diverse functions 6. Walkable streets 7. Preserving polder identity 8. Create quiet and peaceful residential blocks.

Special station area
The new station area will feature a diverse living environment and public spaces with a high level of sojourn quality and pleasant meeting areas. It will be a healthy and liveable environment with plenty of greenery and water. Hoofddorp can grow into a lively, socially sustainable and easily accessible city. A lively gateway to the Haarlemmermeer.

The densification plan will be further elaborated in the coming months. Various participation processes will also be started. The plans are being made in close cooperation with the Province of North Holland, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region and parties such as NS, ProRail and the Amsterdam Transport Region.