From the Beach to the City – De Zwarte Hond investigated development opportunities on the Hoekse Lijn metro line

There are plenty of opportunities to invest in housing, business and recreation around the Hoekse Lijn metro line. Now you can read about these possibilities in the study, ‘From the Beach to the City: development opportunities on the Hoekse Lijn’ (‘Van Strand tot Stad: ontwikkelkansen aan de Hoekse Lijn’). De Zwarte Hond carried out the study, which was presented to the city councils of the four Hoekse Lijn municipalities last week.

The Dutch province of Zuid-Holland is gearing up for significant population growth. In order to cope with this growth and to ensure that the cities along the Hoekse Lijn have adequate future housing, employment and recreational facilities, in recent months a lot of hard work has gone into a study mapping out the opportunities and possibilities. De Hoekse Lijn Partners, which commissioned this research, unites the cities of Rotterdam, Schiedam, Vlaardingen and Maassluis, the province of Zuid-Holland and the Rotterdam-The Hague Metropolitan Area.

In the vision for the future contained in ‘From the Beach to the City: development opportunities on the Hoekse Lijn’, De Zwarte Hond maps out various development opportunities. The study outlines how the connective potential of the Hoekse Lijn can be maximised. By investing in housing, business and recreation around the metro line, smart use can be made of the existing public transport facilities. After all, the Hoekse Lijn meets the mobility needs of (future) residents, visitors and entrepreneurs.

“What the study shows is that each of the station areas can further develop its own strengths,” says Daan Zandbelt, project leader and partner of De Zwarte Hond. “This means that we can create a variety of diversified living environments, working environments for various sectors and a rich palette of recreational opportunities, both landscape and culture based. We encourage the stations to complement each other and work together as a team, strengthening the region, its centres and its neighbourhoods.”

Follow-up process
The study ‘From the Beach to the City: development opportunities on the Hoekse Lijn’ serves as a discussion document and will be discussed by the city councillors and executives of the municipalities concerned over the coming months. On this basis, a start will be made on a plan of action later this year.

Read the full report here