Gilde Vakcollege

Gorinchem, NL

How do you connect education and business in one sustainable, contemporary learning environment?


Gilde vakcollege

The Gilde Vakcollege Techniek is the largest VMBO technology school in the Netherlands. The Gilde is unique for its focus on a wide number of technical profiles and the direct link with the business community via WeTech. The new building should reflect the future technical working environment, as well as offering a safe and secure learning environment. The CVO-AV school will also be housed in the new building.

Because the current building is extremely outdated, the Gilde is moving to the De Hoefslag/Haarweg location. This provides a unique opportunity to allow the new building to also act as a catalyst for the new Innovation Campus in Gorinchem-Noord.

Bicycle access

Connect places

Three volumes that seem to shift relative to each other

The design for the Gilde is the missing link on the new campus. By dividing the building into three volumes that seem to shift in relation to each other, the building acquires a human dimension and nestles into the existing campus structure. Because we believe that technology should be seen, all the practice rooms are located on the ground floor. The practice clusters have large doors that open on the north and south sides, as well as a lot of glass in the central hall that connects all clusters in the building. The artisanship is also visible in the masonry.

1. Prefabricated brickwork: masonry veneer on base structure

2. Wooden ceiling: fitted with openings for supply and return of practical classrooms’ installation systems and concealed emergency overflow

3. Acoustic ceiling: wood-wool cement

4. Brickwork: purple nuanced, in random bond

5. Veranda: Concrete tiles 50×50 cm with solid base seating element

First floor

First floor with furnishings

Gilde Vakcollege

The Gilde Vakcollege is the largest VMBO technology school in the Netherlands. This unique learning environment focuses on practical technical education. The design forms an intimate, technical working environment where youngsters can take their first steps towards adulthood. The practice rooms are located on the ground floor and are designed as workspaces that approach actual practice as closely as possible. Each of these spaces is connected to the outside space by means of transparent façades that can open. This makes practical education clearly visible. On the first floor are the offices and theory rooms, which form a more intimate world for concentration. By organising the programme on a central street, a transparent, friendly and healthy building is created. The three sawtooth roofs run across the central street, which bring in a lot of daylight. On the outside, the sawtooth roofs contribute to a tough and industrial look.


Gilde Vakcollege
Gorinchem, NL
8.650 m²
Stichting Christelijk Voortgezet Onderwijs Alblasserwaard-Vijfheerenlanden
Development Phase
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