De Molenberg Culture Cluster in Delfzijl: Preliminary Design Presented

Commissioned by the municipality of Eemsdelta, De Zwarte Hond is designing a new Culture Cluster in Delfzijl for everyone from Delfzijl and the surrounding area. With the preliminary design, the city and its residents can now look forward to a beautiful building and a wonderful addition to the city.

The design takes into account the character of the fortified city and the important position of the port. The new Culture Cluster will be realised on the site of the current De Molenberg theatre, the library, and De Bolder party centre. The new complex will also accommodate the theatre and the public library. In addition, partners of IVAK – the cultural network organisation of the municipalities of Delfzijl, Appingedam and Loppersum – can use spaces within the complex. The public spaces of the complex adjoin the wider public space and thus contribute to its liveliness.

Abcnova is coordinating the design and realisation project for the municipality. In addition to De Zwarte Hond, the design team consists of: Theateradvies bv, Zonneveld Ingenieurs, DGMR, abtWassenaar, Total Cost and Vos Ontwerpstudio.