De Zwarte Hond and Kraftraum win competition for the design of a new climate-resilient neighbourhood in Bremen Vahr

Bremen Hofgarten is a sustainable and attractive new neighbourhood in Bremen, Germany, designed for a multi-generational community of residents. Located in Vahr on Konrad-Adenauer-Straße, this 2.8-hectare site adjoins an allotment. Terraced townhouses (45) and compact apartments (105) are grouped around a spacious central courtyard. Here, the surrounding buildings and stone garden wall create a sense of privacy and enclosure. With its inviting design, the garden can be used for different purposes.

The largest housing blocks are located along the street. By locating the seniors' apartments here and daycare centre on the ground floor, this encourages interaction between young and old, and gives the project a distinct identity. A gate marks the entrance to the courtyard which is surrounded by the small apartment buildings and terraced townhouses. The courtyard creates a sense of community and identity. Also as the route to the car park avoids the courtyard, it remains a pedestrian space. The urban plan also ensures that residents don’t experience noise issues from the traffic and trams on Konrad-Adenauer-Straße.

The apartment buildings contain a large underground parking garage accessible from the street. Parking for the terraced houses is available at two locations on the edge of the site, on covered parking areas with solar panels on the roof. Visitor parking is located at the entrance of the neighbourhood. Parcel safes can also be provided here to avoid delivery trucks driving through and disturbing the calm in the neighbourhood.