De Zwarte Hond involved in many housing locations that were granted a housing project impulse

Many large housing locations in which De Zwarte Hond is involved - in one of its many roles - have recently received a Housing Incentive Scheme (In Dutch: Woningbouwimpuls) subsidy from the Dutch government.

In one way or other, De Zwarte Hond is involved as an architect, urban planner, or strategic advisor in a total of 18 projects that received about €150 million subsidy from the state. This amount still must be doubled by the municipalities as co-financing.

The locations are spread across the country and are characterised by a certain degree of complexity. In several projects, we make a residential building, in others we are responsible for the urban plan of the area development. Or we were part of a quality team, gave strategic advice or were responsible for the spatial vision. In any case, we are proud to be involved in so many crucial and widely appreciated projects.

A selection of projects
Hilversum Station Area
The Hague Central Innovation District
Amsterdam MO*TOWN track 8 –Plot O Sloterdijk
Schiedam Station Area

Legend to the images above
A= architect  U= urban designer  S= strategic advisor