Aachen Büchel

Aachen, D

How can an open space function in a multidimensional way?



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The demolition material from the parking garage is used for the terraces. Even surfaces will be created. New volumes and spatial edges are built on these, along the lines of Swiss building spans. In this way, Büchel’s new public space can be experienced and tested in all its various dimensions.

The framework forms the background for the three-year plan. The volumes of the future buildings can already be ‘played with’. The planning offers the possibility to temporarily test areas in and with different uses, and to make the space tangible before building rights have been granted.

Roof framework

Ensemble roof


Old & new situation

Year of the Wilderness/Meadow (2022/23), species-rich wildflower meadow & construction of a wooden pedestrian bridge

Year 2023/24, (thermal) water from various springs will be used in a makeshift basin

Year of Food (2024/25), with temporary use, for example a covered market hall, raised growing boxes and greenhouses

Aachen Büchel

As part of the planning workshop ‘Stadt machen am Büchel’ (Creating a city in Büchel), a concept for a three-year plan and a design for the development of the public space in Büchel has been completed in collaboration with City of Aachen staff members. The design of the new public open space will offer a high quality of experience and a new interpretation of the possibilities for use. In the design, the thermal water, which has been central to Aachen for centuries, is mainly themed as a playable and creative element that can be experienced in various ways. A watercourse leads the visitor to, in and through the green public space. There are many opportunities to relax under shady trees, besides façades surrounded by greenery, on lawns and on springy (paved) surfaces. In addition to attractive playgrounds with climbing walls and plenty of seating options, there must also be room for various temporary uses. The ‘meadow’ theme is understood as a synonym for a versatile open space for all generations that can be used in an urban-ecological and climate-valuable way. Around its edges there are self-confident, robust and economical buildings. These are flexible enough to be able to respond to new requirements time and again, from sketches of the first concept to the completion of the sales contracts and the laying of the foundation stone.


Aachen Büchel
Aachen, D
7.000 m²
Städtische Entwicklungsgesellschaft Aachen GmbH & Co. KG (SEGA)
Urban Design
Catering & Retail, Culture, Infrastructure
Stadt Aachen
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